while we are waiting

by thankfeldenkrais

When you’re told your world is going to end,
But that you can’t simply crawl into a hole and cease to exist,
Every day is a marathon,
Which you hadn’t trained for.

Eight months of searching for the answers surrounding Isaac’s genetic make up,
Became my endurance challenge.
Doctors dropping bombs around us,
And still we had to climb the mountain.

– while we are waiting –

Some days draws the distraction beautifully,
While others were forced,
Plucking painfully at the expectations of myself,
To fulfill the tasks at hand.

From every direction I hear his needs,
What I need to do to help him.
And have to find a way to mash them into bite size pieces to digest.
Regardless of a lacking appetite.
And an ever increasing plate full.

It’s our practitioner who ,
Explains to me the difference between an outcome,
And understanding how to get there.
We are helping Isaac to fill-in the in between bits,
To allow a transition to achieve the outcome,
A learning process of how to get there for himself.

And this is what separates Feldenkrais from the rest.

And this is what makes the tasks small enough to swallow.

On some days.


Other days,
We just want to stare off,
And ponder life’s biggest questions.

And mine remains – what will life be like for him?

This is when it all gets stuck in my throat and I can’t seem to dislodge it.