use it or lose it

by thankfeldenkrais

It became about capitalising on everything.
All moments became about utilising advantageous positioning,
Ceasing the opportunity to better each movement,
And ultimately his chances for progress.
With mothers hawk eyes,
I watch everything,
Facilitate more.
It’s a new way of life.

The use it or lose it brain,
Becoming so apparent.
His commando crawling,
Saw the limit of his right leg,
His right arm.
His right eye.
So left side dominant he had become,
In action,
Therefore in body image,
In mind.

We had to bring it back into the picture.

In action we show him –
The possibility of bending up the right leg to mirror the left – during his crawl.
He continues to spend time in right side lying – bringing proximity and focus to his right arm – We help put right hand to mouth – With open palm sweep across surfaces and textures.
We approach him from the right side – prompting his right eye to see – turn his head to the right.
In rolling we encourage the unfamiliar direction of over the left shoulder – which requires his right leg to bend – engaging (and shortening) his entire right side.
Therapist always hands on – ever so subtly working her magic,
It was about creating awareness – giving his right side a purpose within his world.

It brings her laughter when she hears me describing to others our approach with Isaac as neurological,
As if its something alternative – as she knows, teachers me,
It is the ONLY way.
Just like anyone learns anything.

For this very reason we don’t limit to working with the right,
Its has to be full body awareness, we leave nothing out – continue filling the gaps.
For we rely on the complete organisation of our body for effective movement.
An ever subtle relationship between all the bodies intricacies,

Most of us take so readily for granted.

Our to do list was mounting;
The pelvis a constant focus – responsible for so much of the bodies ability to shift weight.
We begin creating the support to allow him actions – while on his tummy pressing hips to the ground – immediately allowing him the use of both arms – therefore they can become part of his body image.
Side sitting to shift his weight across his pelvis.
We rock his hips – straddled over a roller, like horse riding – forward and back, side to side – With feet secured to the floor, no threat is posed, no extension is thrown –
Arms are freely forward – and therefore capable of weight-baring on a hand should he slip and need to catch his fall.
And while on his back – knees bent, both feet pushing to the floor, lifting hips up and down in mini bridges.
He kneels across our leg, anchoring his pelvis to the ground – allowing him to feel the security of connecting to the floor, again freeing his arms, feeling stable –
Eliminating the element of threat.

He needs full body awareness, which creates options –
And with options you are capable of feeling safe in movement.

Cut from his repertoire is the playful standing of Isaac,
Bouncing him up and down in his feet –
So customary for us playing with babies,
So seemingly harmless –
But it saw nothing but him thrusting into an arched back extension,
Tip toes darting to the floor,
The dramatic increase of spasm – stiffening like a board – clenched fists.
The ever present habitual over recruitment of muscles.
Also we put a stop the medical systems insisted act of pulling him up by both arms, to see how much his head lags – which again brings nothing but fear, spasm – and of no benefit to Isaac’s system –
A movement so unrealistic for anybody to recreate for themselves.
And if we don’t have control of our own movement – having thing done to us repeatedly – Naturally invokes fear – limits our options –
And is detrimental to all we are working on.

With the dos and the do not dos ever increasing.
It requires self control not to spiral into despair,
At its magnitude.

So I write notes –
To centre myself,
To keep on point,
To help visualise the bigger picture,
To have references to recall on in times too overwhelming –


And spend a lot of private time screaming in the garden.