all pays off

by thankfeldenkrais

We build and we keep on building,
Every time we are knocked down,
We get back up,
And build again.

I had to remind myself constantly,
That despite all of this,
In the safety of his comfort zones,
His smiles continued to shine,
His personality emerging,
And he was making progress,
Amid the fog.
And my tears.

Teeth grow,
Laughter is found,
Recognition of familiar faces is clear.

Through twice weekly Feldenkrais sessions,
And integrating the techniques into our daily lives-
The cushion under his bottom,
IMAG0401Mobilising his hips back and forth while over our knee,
While on his back – lifting legs up and down together by the feet rocking his pelvis off the floor and back again gently,
Side lying,
Safely supported but not held in place – sitting,
Showing him how to bend one leg, while lengthening the other,
Curling the core.
All to break his spasm patterns,
Which have him habitually arching back into stiff extension.
In finding flexion,IMAG0682
He finds his pelvis,
Finds his ability to bring knees to tummy in delight.

And as promised,
He rolls.
A roll you cannot deny,
Or put down to fluke,
It’s skilled,
Leading with the head,
One knee coming up and across the mid line,
The same side shoulder follows,
From back to tummy.
He did it.

It’s suddenly our way of life,
Constant, unrelenting.
Teaching him to be responsible for his own movement –
It’s hard work,
But it all pays off.

He is finding movement.
He is finding his environment.
And his face lights up in accomplishment.


isaac dec 11


And before I know it,
A roll turns into a one legged commando crawl,
Two-hundred sixty-four days/
Eight months and 18 days old.
And he’s off.

His satisfaction,
And my reward,
Are of equal measure.

The End of Chapter Three