nervous nervous system

by thankfeldenkrais

He’s so unsettle post hospital stay,
He clings to me,
Physically as stiff as a board,
Emotionally as fragile as glass.

We jump right back into Feldenkrais,
But calmness lost once more,
In its place a visibly nervous nervous system.
To move forward priority is to slow it down.
Regain his trust,
Bring him back to a state of learning,
From the powerful reactive fear response,
He has been reduced to.

He simply does not know how to relax.
On his tummy his head darts upright,
Holding it as though on look-out.
Despite desperate fatigue,
He doesn’t realise he can simply rest it to the floor.

I begin to understand its importance,
For once he learns the floor is his friend,
He will feel grounded,
He will connect.
He will rest.

We begin by demonstrating how it’s done,
As baby’s mirror neurons are responsible for so much learned behaviour.
We tuck his knees under himself for flexion of the core,
Allowing an eased momentum for the head to lower to child’s pose.
We show him how to rest.
A foreign concept,
Taken for granted.

Once he can rest,
His whole system will calm.

We seek for quiet,
Gestures of movement,
For in subtlety the magic starts to happen.


Words of wisdom I furiously scribble down in my note book.
The eager student frantic not the miss a thing.
A learning process for me as much as for him.