celebrate him

by thankfeldenkrais

There was no denying it,
Loss and sadness reeked.
My mine was stacking with it.
My reality feared worse.
The more I let it build towers in my subconscious,
Through panicked compulsive attempts to putty up cracks.

Broken mostly by my inability to fix,
I’m on shaky foundations,
Feeling lesser than whole,
Sickened by what I failed to construct.

But still in a field flourishing with love and beauty,
There he lay,
I can see him,
A beam of light,
Demanding a presence in flesh and blood,
Amid the crumbling corners of my thoughts.

For he is not cerebral palsy,
He is not disability,
He is not sadness,
He is not loss.

He is a boy,
is a fighter,
He is my son,
He is Isaac Ali,

I needed to celebrate him,
The way new life is celebrated.

So a party is planned,
To welcome him to the world,
As he should be,
With pride.
To marvel at his strength,
His courage,
To allow him to be.

Despite circumstance,
He was here.
It was time to shout it from the rooftops,
With pops of champagne corks,
With charged glasses,
With family,
With friends,
With the network who would without question,
Without doubt,
Be there to steady our ground,
Whatever the future would hold.


We celebrate,
All that is Isaac,
And all those who stand by our side.

Issy is awesome xox