your face

by thankfeldenkrais

I arrive in a wave of panic,
The weight of eternity,
How was I whole,
Before your face met mine?

Shaky with nerves,
Weak with fatigue,
Yet a force of magnetic power,
Pulls me forward.

And with love pumping blood in a rush to my heart,
There he is.
Eyes closed in dreamland.
The beautiful peace of sleep.
A gift,
Given to me with a flash of gratitude.

Thank you

It’s quiet back here,
The only child in need.
I feel the sting,
Followed by the blessing.

I belong to you.

I stare at his tiny frame, touch the warmth of his cheek, press my ear to the beat of life and vow I won’t let them take you alone again.

The essence of innocence, in a red knitted beanie.


I find my bearings, establish my surroundings –
Same resuscitation bay,
The doorway to delivery,
I can almost hear my screams echoing off the white wash walls.

Here we are again.
I shake myself in reminder,
This time his heart hasn’t stopped beating.