déjà vu

by thankfeldenkrais

So there I stood,
Submerged in déjà vu,
Shaking my head,
A beg for it to stop.
My baby gone,
And me to follow.

Once more a car seat stark in emptiness,
A silence so loud my head throbbed,
I weep,
I grieve,
I forget to breathe.

I want to be,
So far far away.

The journey is slow,
Bright with midday sun,
Polluted by traffic,
So busy in its chaos,
So ignorant to my suffering.

Life had continued,
A world in motion,
And it left me behind.

It felt like an insult spat,
Offended by every smile,
Darkened by shock,
I was a stranger in a foreign land.

And somewhere in front of me,
Out of sight,
The only thing to bring comfort,
The only thing to show me I’m real,
To show me I belong.
Is out of reach.

It may merely be kilometers separating us, but
It may as well be a universe,
Off my axis,
I was falling through a black hole.

Chasing to regain balance,
Down a highway of truth,
Lost to the life I thought I’d have,
But this was the only road to you.

And I’m travelling as fast as I can.


To you.