my rock

by thankfeldenkrais

I was dancing to an unfamiliar beat,
Steps out of sync,
Juxtaposing natural rhythm,
I was disorder, without flow.

But I didn’t move alone.

Connecting in our sadness,
Clung together in pain,
A common rawness,
A mutual shock.

Yet he stood taller,
Held himself braver,
Didn’t fall,
Caught me,
Every time.

Despite his own sorrow,
The arms to wrap my faltering frame,
The calmness to my storm,
He was strength I couldn’t find,
The eyes for what I didn’t see.

It could have torn us apart,
Left a void,
A coldness of blame,
Of punishment.

But in its wake,
A depth of respect.
The essence of faith.
A love more profound.

Father of my child,
My steady,
My rock.

Infinitely, I owe him.
My path is uneven ground.